Filipinos underestimate the need to take charge of their personal finance and prepare for their future. In most of the mistakes Filipinos make, there has been this common theme of lack of time perspective and this is what most of us still lack until today.

Alkansiya Ni Juan will be every Filipino’s companion in their journey to financial freedom. This website will be a venue where personal finance and investing will be discussed so every Filipino will have enough guidance not just in building wealth but also in financial stewardship.

The tagline “Kaibigan, tara! Magpayaman tayo!” is Alkansiya Ni Juan’s invitation to all Filipinos understand the use of wealth, be wealthy and create a better society.

Alkansiya Ni Juan also advocates sponsoring children at World Vision. Child sponsorship is helping a child in need. To help provide life-changing essentials like education, clean water, health and nutrition. The goal is to help the  child and his family break free from poverty and build a sustainable community. www.worldvision.org.ph/sponsor-child